Ultra Skin Ease for Eczema

I recently met a woman at a Farmer’s Market who has severe eczema on her ankles and wrists. Knowing that the Ultra Skin Ease would drastically help, I took photos to document the progress.  She told me that she had been battling her eczema skin condition for many years and that she had given up.  Doctors had prescribed expensive creams over the years that would help with the itching and burning, but they never healed her skin or cleared up her symptoms completely.  She applied the Ultra Skin Ease lotion right there at my market booth the day I met her.  Four days later she hunted me down at another farmers market to buy the Ultra Skin Ease lotion.  She told me that within hours of her first application her skin felt and looked better.  She had immediate results and was very encouraged.   About a week later she decided to give her eczema a one-two punch and layer the Ultra Skin Ease lotion with the balm.  She has started using the Ultra Skin Ease balm in conjunction with the lotion, after her skin absorbs the lotion, she applies the balm over it.  The first two pictures were taken the day I met her and show how irritated her skin was before she started to use Ultra Skin Ease.  She sent me the third picture today to show me how much her skin has healed in two weeks.  I will take another picture next week to document the progress.


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