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Astounding! Amazing!!!

My brother-in-law had what I think was psoriasis on the pakms if his hands. Drs. said it was not and gave him pharmaceuticals! Nothing helped! I gave him ultra skin ease balm and in two days its almost gone!!!! He cannot believe it. He also has a deep burn on the inside of his leg from his motorcycle. I suggested he use it there also. He cannot believe how much better he feels! I swear by this product!

I highly recommend the “Sun Salutation” body wash. I found it to be nonirritating for my sensitive skin and refreshing. The “Yogini Beauty Butter” and “Sun Salutation Beauty Butter” are light weight creams that are easy to apply and absorb quickly leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

by Shirley B. on Grace's Green Garden

Just a note to let you know we have been using the Yogini hand and body lotion for a couple of years now and we continue to love it. I put a bottle in the guest bathroom downstairs for others to use and am always asked where to get it. People always comment on how good it feels and smells. So thanks and I’ll be ordering more. Mike and I continue to use the soap as well.

Hope you are doing well

Thanks. Yogini has a new name under the Grace´s Green Garden label and is now called Jasmine Breeze. It is the same wonderful aroma, only the name has changed.

I love the Jasmine Breeze soap because it’s so creamy! It has the most unique scent – kind of earthy and natural – and I know there are absolutely no additives!

Thanks Ginny. It is the touch of extra skin moisturizing oil that make Grace´s Green Garden soaps so creamy and silky.

Truly Namasté’s Beauty Butters (all varieties) are the best I have ever used. My skin stays soft and hydrated throughout the entire day – a feat no other lotion or cream has ever been able to do. They smell remarkable, have great consistency, and make me feel feminine and healthy at the same time. I will never use anything else.

Thank you for the kind words. The Grace´s Green Garden Total Body Moisturizers are the same remarkable lotions as the Truly Namasté Beauty Butters, only the label and name has changed. Thank you for your loyalty.

I received my order and could not wait to open it and put some on. It came when I was leaving the house so I took it in the car with me. I loooooooooove it. Thanks for the extra lavender lotion. I just love putting the Yogini all over. Can’t wait for the body wash.

by Linda G. on Grace's Green Garden

My two teenage daughters and I have been using the Truly Namasté products for about a year and a half now. The products we use regularly are the body wash, bar soap, and lotion. The different fragrances are very pleasant smelling and not too strong. We look forward to trying other products in the line.

by Susanna R. on Grace's Green Garden

I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for years until I discovered the magic of Yogini lotion which is now called Jasmine Breeze . The thick, rich cream, filled with relaxing, essential oils, quiets nervous, tired legs within minutes and makes a good night’s sleep possible. It is also a wonder cream for all minor aches and pains, especially stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas. This is a healing, soothing and softening cream to be used on all parts of the body for relief of a myriad of problems.

I really wouldn’t be without it!

I know exactly what you mean. I love it, too. I am so happy you are experiencing so much relief from your restless legs.

by Jeanette on Grace's Green Garden

What a nice surprise in the mailbox today. I delivered the soap and beauty butter to my friend Janie. She will not start radiation for about another 2 weeks but is anxious to try your products. I will also use them. I had been using the jar in Christopher’s bathroom and really liked the way my skin felt. Its back to the heat of Texas and mowing the lawn immediately (after) I got home.

by Cate, age 68 on Grace's Green Garden

After just four days of applying “Skin-Ease to my hands they were smoother and the dryness was gone! Now, three weeks later, the age spots on my hands are disappearing! My hands look great! I decided to use “Skin-Ease on my face, too. After one week of use, my complexion is soft and has a youthful glow, thanks to “Skin-Ease”.

It is wonderful to hear from you. The Ultra Skin Ease truly is amazing. It does cost a little more that my other products because of the Sandalwood oil I use in the blend, but it is worth every penny. Thank you for taking the time to let me know how it is working for you.

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