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Grace's Green Garden » Products » Garden » Happy Feet Funky Foot Fighter Spray

This amazing spray is all natural, is formulated to fight foot fungus, and it works!  It helps alleviate toenail fungus and athletes foot like magic! This user-friendly spray is made with natural funky foot fighting essential oils and other natural ingredients to combat foot fungus. With just the right amount of cooling menthol for a happy little tingle, Happy Feet spray is also great for cooling off tired feet at the end of the day.  The Happy Feet Lemongrass and Tea Tree aroma is refreshing and smells great. This convenient spray may also be taken with you to use after your next pedicure to ward off any nasty fungus that might be lurking around the pedicure tub.  Happy Feet Funky Foot Fighter spray may be used any time but we recommend using it after showering and at night before bed.  Spray on feet and between toes.  Let dry completely.  4 oz.

Price: $12.00

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