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Lula Blue Bug Chaser Spray is a product I created for my own dogs.  Formulated to repel fleas, ticks, and flying insects, this spray is made with natural Cedarwood, Lavender, Peppermint and Neem oils.  It smells great and helps protect your dog from nasty bites when you are enjoying the great outdoors together.  Simply spray your dog's coat lightly before heading out to the park or your favorite hiking trail.  Avoid getting the spray in your pet's eyes and nose.  Never spray this product directly into your pet's face.  To use on your pet's face, spray on a cloth or on your hands, and gently smooth over their face avoiding the eyes and nose.  I spray myself with Bug Chaser before heading out on the trail, too.  This product does not kill bugs, but bugs don't like the smell or taste.  It helps keep those pesky critters off your pet and discourages them from taking a bite out of your best furry friend.  Bug Chaser Spray can be used in kennels and on pet bedding, too. 

Lula Blue with her siblings at the park.

This product is not intended as a replacement for responsible flea and tick control.  Always follow the advice of your pet's Veterinarian.  
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Price: $14.00

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