November 12th, 2011


“Love Grace’s Green Garden!  We really love Lula Blue Shampoo!  The wonder’s its done and continues to do for Daisy and the condition of her skin and coat are truly unbelievable!  We LOVE this product and many others=)  Thank you Grace and Grace’s Green Garden!!!”
Katie D. – Cleveland, Ohio

Being a web designer, I spend a lot of time marketing products. I have tended to become skeptical of products that seem to good to be true, knowing most people are just trying to sell a product, and they never live up to expectations.

After Grace learned I was taking a vacation to Miami, she sent me some products in the (likely) event someone got sunburned. Before the first day of going to the beach, I was asked if I had lotion, and I pulled out the Skin Ease products. After they put it on for the first time, my friends raved about the products, and how amazing they felt. I, of course, was the first one with a burn, and the Skin Ease Balm soothed my skin immensely.

When I got home, I tried the Balance products for my face, which I was also skeptical about. I have been lucky enough to never have a problem with acne, but when I try to use cleansers on my face, I break out every time. The Balance system did the exact opposite. It made my skin feel clean, and when combined with Skin Ease products, made it feel and look amazing. I have been getting compliments recently of how great my skin looks!

The best thing is, if you are impatient like me, you do not have to wait months to see results. The first time you use the products you are going to feel a difference. These products are amazing, do what they say and even more!

Brandon B. – Bellingham, WA

Truly Namasté Skin Care is the BEST product I have ever used on my face and body. My face has become very soft, smooth and the winkles around my eyes are gone! Just recently, I found out I had a fast growing mass on my left breast. About a week after my surgery, I started using Skin-Ease Beauty Butter on my breast where they had performed surgery. To my amazement, the area is healing beautifully and I can see that there will not be any scaring what so ever.

I’ve used so many different expense products over the years and found myself to be very disappointed in them. But now, I need not look any further because, I have found Truly Namaste Skin Care!
Thank you for sharing your products with me!
Denise F. – Tucson, AZ

Thank you for the Ultra Skin Ease. I’ve started using it on my son’s eczema and it works very, very, well! I’m all for using all natural items, instead of harsh chemicals! And, I don’t have to feel so bad as a mother anymore when I apply it to my son’s skin – there is no complaining of burning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My mother started using it on her nose and also her toes. She has fungus growing underneath her toe nails and this Ultra Skin Ease is awesome for making it better!
Stacee – Wahpeton, ND

I LOVE the new skin ease bar, it glides on like satin cream and rinses clean but not dry clean a soft lovely clean. The bar is so creamy I thought it would melt away fast but it has not, it’s a creamy soap bar that makes me look forward to my shower each day!

I have never been disappointed in any of your products.
Karen C. – Tucson, AZ

After just four days of applying Skin-Ease to my hands they were smoother and the dryness was gone! Now, three weeks later, the age spots on my hands are disappearing! My hands look great! I decided to use Skin-Ease on my face, too. After one week of use, my complexion is soft and has a youthful glow, thanks to Skin-Ease.

Cate, age 68 – Austinburg, OH

You’ve changed my mind about skin moisturizers. This one works.

Garrett, – Tucson, AZ

I first tried your products about 2 years ago. I was at the Women’s Expo in Cleveland, OH and stopped by your booth. At the time I had just lost my husband suddenly and was having problems with acne break outs. I had been to the dermatologist and had tried everything. I had given up. I was experiencing cystic acne brought on by stress. What was most frustrating was that I had never had this problem before. It seemed to have developed after the death of my husband. Needless to say, as a 25 year old women acne is embarrassing. I stopped by your booth and explained my problem. I purchased the Balance System and the Balance Body Wash. The women there told me that she would guarantee my skin would clear up in 7 days. It cleared up in 2.

Bethany S., – Cleveland, OH

I have received the wonderful Ultra Skin Ease products and like them very much. I use the skin soothing balm 3 times a day – have had 7 of 33 radiations. I’m waiting one more week to include the body moisturizer. Thanks for the extra sample and for the speedy response to my request!

What a compassionate ministry you are doing! I’ll be sharing the pamphlets you sent. Even my nurses here are interested in the pamphlets. They can’t give them out, but if someone asks, they can share the info!
May your goodness and caring for others come back to you 100 fold!
Sr. Pat – Milwakee. WI

My husband and I were up at Mt. Lemmon. We always stop in the store and that is where I found this God like lotion. It doesn’t sting and is very healing. I have contact dermatitis and have used several “prescription lotions, salves etc.” None come within a light year of your lotion. I am extremely impressed with your product and wanted to try more of them so I went online and straight to your wonderful web page. Believe me I will let everyone I come in contact with know about your dream products.

Thanks again for doing what you do!
Mary C., – Tucson, AZ

I was fortunate to receive a sample bag of Grace’s Green Garden all natural Hemp Seed Granola, and may I say that I have been loving it every morning with Greek yogurt. It is by far the best tasting granola I have ever had and I love that it is naturally sweetened with agave nectar, unlike many of the store bought brands that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Please get this item up on your website soon or let me know where I can find it in stores. My bag is almost gone and I will certainly need more. Not sure I can do breakfast without it;)

Thank you for your dedication to products with natural ingredients that nourish the body and soul. I just love your products!!

Nikki Z- Cleveland, OH

Audrey says:

Thank you Grace’s green garden I was introduced to your skin ease balm by my cousin when I received a very severe burn on my hand. I immediately used the balm and I’m not exaggerating when I say it provided instant relief and was gone within 2-3 days.

Audrey M.
OSU student
Columbus, OH

Ultra Skin Ease for Eczema

July 27th, 2011

I recently met a woman at a Farmer’s Market who has severe eczema on her ankles and wrists. Knowing that the Ultra Skin Ease would drastically help, I took photos to document the progress.  She told me that she had been battling her eczema skin condition for many years and that she had given up.  Doctors had prescribed expensive creams over the years that would help with the itching and burning, but they never healed her skin or cleared up her symptoms completely.  She applied the Ultra Skin Ease lotion right there at my market booth the day I met her.  Four days later she hunted me down at another farmers market to buy the Ultra Skin Ease lotion.  She told me that within hours of her first application her skin felt and looked better.  She had immediate results and was very encouraged.   About a week later she decided to give her eczema a one-two punch and layer the Ultra Skin Ease lotion with the balm.  She has started using the Ultra Skin Ease balm in conjunction with the lotion, after her skin absorbs the lotion, she applies the balm over it.  The first two pictures were taken the day I met her and show how irritated her skin was before she started to use Ultra Skin Ease.  She sent me the third picture today to show me how much her skin has healed in two weeks.  I will take another picture next week to document the progress.


Magic Ingredients

May 17th, 2011

Aloe Vera Juice is in all of our lotions, body wash, Natural Balance facial toner and facial cleansing bar, Meadowfoam Rose moisturizing Serum, Tangerine C Serum, and Lula Blue Tea Tree & Lavender Dog Shampoo. Aloe is great for the skin.  It has a natural astringent quality.  It helps to soothe burns, rashes, and other skin maladies.

Essential Oils are powerful, natural, concentrated, oily liquids extracted or distilled from plants.  They have been used throughout history for their healing and medicinal characteristics.  I have been known to call them the immune system of a plant.  They are the aroma in the word “aromatherapy”.  Only products made with true essential oils can honestly be called aroma-therapeutic. Essential oils, by their very nature, want to disperse into the air and penetrate into the skin to bring their soothing and healing properties to the body.  Each essential oil has unique qualities to produce precise healing effects on the body and mind.  By mixing different essential oils together, powerful synergistic blends may be created to produce specific healing effects.  The essential oils used in Grace’s Green Garden products are listed below.

Angelica Root
Carrot Seed
Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Ylang Ylang

Mango Butter, in my opinion, has been underestimated by the skincare industry.  It has been used for centuries by people in the rainforests for moisturizing and protecting the skin.  It helps to soothe, soften, and moisturize the skin and combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It is a wonderful total body moisturizer. It has natural UV protection properties. Mango Butter also helps reduce degeneration of skin cells, restores elasticity, soothes rashes, and helps heal dry, cracked skin. We use Mango Butter and Shea Butter together in all of our lotions and balms.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that is found in all living things.  It proforms many functions, one of which is to provide the chemical links needed for the body to produce collagen and keratin.  It is sometimes call the “beauty mineral” and helps improve the skins clarity, smoothness, elasticity, and also diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This ingredient is so amazing; I think it might be the fountain of youth.  Some studies indicate that wounds heal faster when MSM is applied topically and used in conjunction with vitamin C.  Based on this information, MSM has been used in products to improve skin wellness, suppleness, and to help improve skin that is acne prone.  MSM is used in the Natural Balance Aloe and Herbal Facial Toner and also in our Meadowfoam Moisturizing Serum.

Neem oil, (Azadirachta indica), is reported to remove toxins,
purify blood and prevent damage caused by free radicals in the body.

The medicinal properties of neem exhibit antibacterial,
antipyretic, antimalarial, antitumor, antiulcer, antidiabetic, and
antifertility effects, as well as positive effects on the central nervous and
cardiovascular systems.

The insecticidal qualities of neem oil are well known. The
main active ingredient in neem is azadirachtin. It is responsible for repelling
as well as limiting the pupation and reproductive abilities of many insects.

Source: Snowdrift Farm, Inc –  snowdriftfarm.com

Shea Butter has natural UV protection and moisturizing qualities.  It is rich in naturally occurring nutrients and melts at skin temperature.  It is non-greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps to soothe, soften, and moisturize the skin and combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It is a wonderful total body moisturizer.  Used on a regular basis, it helps reduce degeneration of skin cells, restores elasticity, soothes rashes, and helps heal dry, cracked skin. We use Shea Butter and Mango Butter together in all of our lotions and balms. Shea Nut oil is also included in the Grace’s Green Garden body wash, Ultra Skin Ease body wash, and Lula Blue Tea Tree and Lavender Dog Shampoo.

Vitamin C is essential for the healing of wounds and also for the production of collagen.  Vitamin C helps your skin fight off the attacks it encounters on a daily basis from free radicals, exposure to everyday pollutants, and damage caused by the sun.  Vitamin C also helps to improve the skin’s tone and clarity, and brightens the complexion.  It may also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tamanu Oil, also known as Foraha oil in Africa, is obtained by mechanically crushing the dried nuts of the Tamanu tree. The Tamanu tree is typically found in the Pacific and Asian Tropical regions. The oil is rich and deep green in color, and has an aroma similar to Curry leaf. Tamanu oil has a soothing effect on the skin, and it helps to relieve irritations such as sun burn, inflammation and general rashes. Tamanu oil is also known to help regenerate skin cells and has a hydrating effect on the skin.  Research shows that Tamanu oil is a strong anti-inflammatory, which may make it useful for the treatment eczema and inflammatory skin conditions. The oil has been used for its ability to help heal cuts and wounds while acting as a germicide to help prevent infection.  I do not recommend using Tamanu oil full strength around the eyes as it may cause irritation to the eyes.

Disclaimer: All products statements are made by me, (Grace Vitale), from personal usage of Grace’s Green Garden products and the ingredient used in them.  Our products are not guaranteed to treat, heal, or help any medical conditions.  The claims made on this web site are not guarantees.  Grace’s Green Garden products are not intended as a replacement for professional medical counsel.

Grace’s Delicious Whole Hemp Seed Breakfast Recipe

May 9th, 2011

Hemp Nutritional Information ImageHere is my high protein, high energy breakfast using whole hemp seeds. This is a lot of nutrition and a lot of food.  This recipe may be adjusted to your taste.  Loaded with antioxidants and pro-biotic rich, it is very filling, satisfying, and energizing.  You won’t feel hungry for hours after enjoying this delicious breakfast.

3 TBSP Greek Yogurt, plain, low fat
1/2 of a large Banana, sliced
1/4 C. Walnuts, coarsely chopped
1/4 C. Dried Blueberries, or Raisins, or Dried Cherries, pick one
1/4 C. Coconut, shredded and unsweetened
2 – 3 TBSP whole hemp seeds, sea salted or unsalted, your choice
2 – 3 TBSP Cocoa Nibs
Hemp Seed Milk, optional

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.  A little hemp seed milk may be added to the ingredients if you like your mixture thinner.

Be creative.  Feel free to modify the recipe to your liking.  Use fresh fruit when you have it on hand.  If you like breakfast smoothies, all of these ingredients can be turned into a smoothie simply by adding them into a blender, with a little water, fruit juice, or hemp seed milk, and pressing the puree button.  Enjoy!


Reference: Hemp Line Journal, July-August 1992, pp. 14-15, Vol. I No. 1, Lynn Osburn.

The Secret to Better Skin Isn’t Rocket Science

March 30th, 2011

Growing up my skin was always a challenge for me.  I struggled with blemishes and rashes from the time I started 5th grade and through most of high school.  My face and arms seemed to always be marked with bumps, blotches, and blackheads.   Oh, how I wished for smooth, clear, unflawed skin.  I tried many over the counter remedies that promised to make my breakouts disappear, control my excessively oily T-zone, and calm my rough, patchy skin.  Many of the products I tried had no effect at all.  Some of the products, especially cream cleansers, made my condition worse.  Some would work for a week or two, but then I think my system would become immune to the active ingredients, and the skin maladies would reappear.

My quest became finding the answer to better skin.  I wanted skin I wasn’t embarrassed of.  Lucky for me, I was raised in a family that believed in natural, holistic, alternative medicine.  As I got older, probably around the age of 13, I became more aware of the qualities of ingredients one might find in their own kitchen cupboard.  Encouraged by my parents, I started concocting all sorts of interesting natural mixtures to combat the imperfections of my blemished skin.  Some things worked and some things didn’t.  I practiced making my natural concoctions and by the time I was finished with high school my skin, although not cheerleader skin smooth, was completely presentable.

The products I concoct and market now are still natural but are a little more sophisticated than they were when I was 13.  As I mentioned before, when I was trying over the counter preparations, some would work for a short time and then my condition would reappear or worsen.  In my opinion, and let me remind you that I am not a doctor, preparations that are made with chemicals, although they may work for a couple of weeks or even a month, eventually will be rejected by the body.  Our bodies are organic (living) organisms.  It is natural for our bodies to develop defenses against synthetic substances.   Natural, herbal, and holistic remedies, because they, too, are organic and derived from living organisms, work with the body to help bring itself back into balance.  The body is less likely to develop resistance to natural preparations which is why they continue to provide positive results indefinitely.

I have been concocting my own skin benefitting creations for over 40 years now.  My secret to beautiful skin is simple, cleanse, tone, nourish, every day, and moisturize when needed.  Younger people may not need moisturizer every day, especially in the warmer, more humid months.   Here are the 6 steps that have worked for me and my kids for many years.

  1. Loosen up pore clogging sebum, makeup, and dirt with high quality Natural Balance Herbal Facial Cleansing Oil.
  2. Follow by a good old fashioned lather with Natural Balance Herbal Facial Cleansing Bar and rinse with plenty of warm water, at least 20 splashes, to hydrate and pave the way for smoother skin.
  3. Nourish and restore the skin’s PH with Natural Balance Aloe and Herbal Facial Toner.
  4. We all need vitamins and our skin is no exception.  Apply Natural Balance Tangerine C Skin Repair Serum after cleansing and toning to help combat damage caused by the sun and brighten the complexion; it also helps fight breakouts, blemishes, and blotchy skin.
  5. For those of us over 35, follow Tangerine C with Natural Balance Anti-Wrinkle Serum to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Finally, use Natural Balance Meadowfoam Rose Moisturizing Serum if your skin needs a little extra moisturizer.  It is lightweight and loaded with nourishing ingredients that also help the skin to appear firmer and lifted.

It may seem like a lot when reading it here but it takes only about 5 minutes, twice a day, to complete all 6 steps.  Your healthy skin and the way you feel about how your skin looks is worth the time.

Caring People Are The Cure – The Homeless Animal Epidemic

February 4th, 2011

Hemp – The Renewable Resource

November 11th, 2010
Hemp: Nature's Answer

The hemp plant may very well be Nature's answer to many health and environmental concerns.

Recently our first nutritional product, whole hemp seed, was added to the Grace’s Green Garden family of products.  Nutritional hemp may well be one of nature’s most nutritious foods.  It is high in fiber and loaded with protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other nutritional components perfect for human kind.  Because it is illegal to grow any plant with the word “Cannabis” in its botanical name here in the United States, all nutritional hemp is imported from other countries.  The seeds are sterilized or shelled before importation to prevent them from germinating if planted.  We import our toasted and sea salted and unsalted nutritional hemp seeds from Canada and offer them under our label for retail and wholesale.

Hopefully our government will one day soon legalize the farming of nutritional/industrial hemp in our country.  Nutritional/Industrial hemp is a renewable resource and grows from seed to harvest in 120 days.  It could be grown in all climactic zones here in the US.  It contains virtually no THC and should not be confused with marijuana.  Its seeds were an important source of food here in the United States until the 1930’s when our government made it illegal to grow here.  Hemp seeds are an important and nutritious source of food in many other countries.  Unlike cotton, little or no in-crop pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are necessary for growing this amazing plant.  Its naturally mildew and fungus resistant fibers may be used to make fabric for clothing and textiles.  The more course components of the plant can be used to make building materials and paper, thereby reducing the need to destroy precious forests for the manufacturing of these items.  The entire plant is usable and is a wonderful source for nutrition, fuel, textiles, oil, paper, housing, mulch, and animal bedding.  For more information on hemp and its uses please visit http://naihc.org/hemp_information/hemp_facts.html.

Why Hemp

October 13th, 2010

For the last couple of years I have played with the idea of adding nutritional products to my web site.  I do not take any supplements all the time.  I will take a vitamin every now and again when I feel like my system is in need of additional support.  I do take a liquid vitamin D3 in the winter, I swear it keeps me from getting the winter drags and also bolsters my immune system.  But on my way to becoming a vegetarian, for the last 4 years, no kidding, I am so on and off with it, I started to feel really tired.  My thinking seemed less sharp to me.  I thought for a minute that I was just getting old, then I thought, “NO WAY”, but I was concerned.  I am pretty good about not eating red meat or pork but there were times that I felt I just had to have a piece of meat.  The next day I would be physically more energized and clearer thinking, while feeling guilty about the animal I just ate.  Just to be clear, I have no problem with anyone else’s choice to not eat or to eat meat.  I think most people to do what works best for them.

Anyway, this pattern I had created really needed to end.    One day I stopped by the local coffee shop and saw a bag of hemp, wow, that sounds funny, on the counter.  I looked at the gal behind the counter and said, “Really?”  She thought that was kind of funny and began to explain the difference between nutritional hemp and its mischievous cousin that was so popular in the 60’s and 70’s.  The hemp seeds she was selling were toasted and sea salted but she assured me I would not get toasted from eating them and even suggested I try them in a smoothie to help with the cold I was coming down with.  I bought them, took them home, thoroughly crunched and enjoyed them.

Within a few hours of ingesting the seeds I felt a little stronger.  Sort of how I feel when I eat a piece of meat.  I was intrigued.  I started to research the hemp plant and, believe me, there is a lot of information online.  I became so impressed with this little, tiny, superfood seed that I decided to hunt down sources to buy them from.  Now, this plant is not legal to grow in the United States but the sterilized seeds or hulled seeds may be imported and sold without issue.   I found a 20,000 acre farm in Canada that not only grows and harvests the seeds but also cleans and packages them.  How convenient!

The hemp seed is a powerhouse of nutrition.  How many times have you heard that Omega 3’s are good for you?  Well, this little seed is loaded with them.  It also has the  right balance of Omega 6.  Most people don’t know that they should be getting Omega 6 or that there is an important ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 that should be observed for optimum health benefits, which the hemp seed has.  This little seed also has Omega 9, all 22 essential amino acids, lots of fiber from the shell, minerals, vitamins, and plenty of protein.  It might be natures perfect food.  One does not need to worry about toxicity which can happen from overeating Flax seed or worry about the downsides to over consumption of Soy protein because of the phytoestrogens inherent in the seed.  So far, researchers have not found a downside to eating nutritional hemp.

As I mentioned previously, nutritional hemp and it’s naughty cousin from the 60’s do not have much in common except for part of a botanical name, cannabis, and the appearance of the leaf.  There is hardly a trace of THC in the nutritional hemp, see http://www.testpledge.com, and it is loaded with health giving benefits for the body.  Its roguish cousin can’t make either of those claims, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Here is another upside, these little seeds taste great.  The whole toasted seeds are crunchy, nutritious, and delicious.  I eat them by the handful, like popcorn.  I have also used them in smoothies, as suggested by the lovely young lady that introduced them to me.  I put them in salads, on ice cream and, yes, I did make brownies with them once and boy were they good.  Anyway you look at it, these seeds are nutritious, good for you, delicious, and fun to eat.  I hope you’ll try some today.

Use Talc Free Body Powder: The Correlation Between Talcum Powder and Cancer

July 3rd, 2010

I love using scented body powders on my skin, especially during the humid Mid West summers.  It makes my skin feel silky, smell pretty, and absorbs excess moisture which helps me feel more comfortable in my skin.  I stay away from products containing Talc.  All of my body powders are made with a natural corn starch/arrowroot blend.  I have known for many years that Talcum Powder is a dangerous carcinogen.  My mother always kept up on the latest information on holistic medicine and remedies.  I remember her reading the Mother Earth News and other similar publications along with her medical books when I was a young child.  Baby powder and other talc containing products were not allowed in our house.

Talc is a mineral and is produced by the mining industry.  One of the components of talc are tiny fibers that are similar in structure to asbestos.  Because talc is closely related to the carcinogen asbestos, studies have indicated that tiny talc particles can cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs.  This is truly unsettling when you stop to think about all the products on the market that contain talc.  There are many facial products that are made with talc as well as BABY POWDER folks.  Please read your labels.  How many of us powder our babies up out of love to keep them dry and comfortable only to find the product we are using could be causing serious harm to the little people we love most.  There is so much information on this subject that is only a Google away.  Here is a link to get you started.  Check out the Cancer Prevention Coalition web site to see what they have to say about the carcinogen talc.

I would love to see your thoughts on this.  Please add a comment to the blog before you leave this site.

Warmest Regards,

Tamanu Oil a new ingredient for GGG products

June 15th, 2010

Recently my mother was watching the Dr. Oz program.  She very excitedly called me to ask me if I had heard of Tamanu oil.  I had not but her excitement made me curious.  It seemed like something I should check out.  A couple of days later I googled, thank heaven for google, tamanu oil/dr oz. A video clip came up on youtube and the clip was impressive.  I went to some other sources and gathered more information.  The more information I gathered the more impressed I became.  I found a supplier and ordered enough to do some testing with.  I’m telling you, I love this stuff.  It’s practically magic.  The beneficial effect it has on the skin is remarkable.  Here is a link to hear what Dr. Oz has to say about the magic of Tamanu Oil. Dr. Oz on YouTube

The Tamanu oil used in GGG products comes from Madagascar.  It is a new discovery for our part of the world although it has been used for hundreds of years in Polynesia.  Its anti-aging properties are amazing, as are its ability to benefit many skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, rashes, and diabetic sores, to name a few.  It does have an interesting aroma, almost like curry leaf.  Some say it smells like butter pecan ice cream.  I’m sticking with the curry leaf.  I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing how it would affect my essential oil aromas.  Then I was so pleasantly surprised.  It makes the already exotic Jasmine Breeze smell more like Jasmine Breeze.  It warms up the Lavender and I didn’t notice any change in the Happy Feet aroma at all.  What it does do is make skin soft, comfortable and smooth.   I am using the pure, unaltered, form of Tamanu oil and the pure form is green, not a little green, it is a dark green.  So it also imparts a slight green hue to most of the products I have used it in.

I have made Tamanu oil, in its pure form, available on this web site for those of you who would like to experiment with it yourself.  It may be added to lotions, body wash, hair shampoos or used straight from the bottle.  I use it straight from the bottle on skin irritations, bug bites, dry patches and especially around my cuticles.   It is amazing how it instantly moisturizes and feeds the nails and cuticles.  I will caution you, however, not to use it in its pure form around the eyes.  It must be diluted first.  Because of its natural chemical elements, it can be a bit stingy to the eyes.  At least it was on mine.  Remember, I test everything I make on me first, then on my two legged family members, thanks mom, dad, brothers, and sisters, then on friends.  I never test anything on animals that are not human.