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About Grace’s Green Garden

Grace Mehall-Vitale  The Grace’s Green Garden skin care product line is a cruelty-free,  aromatherapy, line made with wholesome, natural ingredients. Natural essential oils are used for scent and for their healing properties instead of chemically produced fragrance oils. I started making my own facial and body care products in my mother’s kitchen when I was a teenager, more than 40 years ago.   I studied natural ingredients, plant based, aroma therapeutic essential oils, and the healing arts, while in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  I made my creations for my family and friends for years, then started marketing them in 1999.

The first product line I designed was the Truly Namasté Natural Facial and Body Care product line. I developed that line for my yoga students at my Lights of Yoga Studio. My products were marketed locally in Ohio and through the Truly Namasté web site.  The company grew as my loyal and happy customers told their families and friends about my creations.

In 2006, I to moved to Tucson, Arizona and had the opportunity to work with a natural chemist there. While in Tucson I learned that my brother had contracted esophageal cancer. I spared no expense,   investing many hours of research to compile the best, most effective, natural ingredients I could pull together to make a lotion and balm packed with skin soothing ingredients to relieve the burns he would suffer from the 7 week course of radiation treatments he had to endure.  The Ultra Skin Ease product line was born and worked very well for my brother.  The doctors and technicians who attended to him were impressed at how well his skin withstood the effects of the radiation.  In other words, he barely burned.  More information about Ultra Skin Ease products, along with my brother’s story, can be found on the Skin Ease section of this web site.

After moving back to Ohio, in 2008, it was time to reorganize my company and the concept for Grace’s Green Garden sprouted and began to grow.  Grace’s Green Garden, LLC and web site flowered in 2010.  The Ultra Skin Ease products were planted into the Grace’s Green Garden web site to make it more convenient for my valued clients to shop between both lines if they desire. New products will continue to be added as they are developed and tested, on people not animals, and more health promoting and fun goodies will also be added to the line.

Over the years my company has grown, changed, expanded, and evolved. Through study, research, and experience I have planted new and effective ingredients and health promoting components into my already wonderful garden of products.  I have become a pretty good gardener in the natural skincare industry. I love what I do. I am very thankful to my clients and excited about the evolution of my product line and the marvelous growth that has come with it. Try Grace’s Green Garden products, I think you will be excited about them, too.

Thank you for visiting the Grace’s Green Garden web site.

Warmest Regards,
Grace Mehall-Vitale