“Love Grace’s Green Garden!  We really love Lula Blue Shampoo!  The wonder’s its done and continues to do for Daisy and the condition of her skin and coat are truly unbelievable!  We LOVE this product and many others=)  Thank you Grace and Grace’s Green Garden!!!”
Katie D. – Cleveland, Ohio

Being a web designer, I spend a lot of time marketing products. I have tended to become skeptical of products that seem to good to be true, knowing most people are just trying to sell a product, and they never live up to expectations.

After Grace learned I was taking a vacation to Miami, she sent me some products in the (likely) event someone got sunburned. Before the first day of going to the beach, I was asked if I had lotion, and I pulled out the Skin Ease products. After they put it on for the first time, my friends raved about the products, and how amazing they felt. I, of course, was the first one with a burn, and the Skin Ease Balm soothed my skin immensely.

When I got home, I tried the Balance products for my face, which I was also skeptical about. I have been lucky enough to never have a problem with acne, but when I try to use cleansers on my face, I break out every time. The Balance system did the exact opposite. It made my skin feel clean, and when combined with Skin Ease products, made it feel and look amazing. I have been getting compliments recently of how great my skin looks!

The best thing is, if you are impatient like me, you do not have to wait months to see results. The first time you use the products you are going to feel a difference. These products are amazing, do what they say and even more!

Brandon B. – Bellingham, WA

Truly Namasté Skin Care is the BEST product I have ever used on my face and body. My face has become very soft, smooth and the winkles around my eyes are gone! Just recently, I found out I had a fast growing mass on my left breast. About a week after my surgery, I started using Skin-Ease Beauty Butter on my breast where they had performed surgery. To my amazement, the area is healing beautifully and I can see that there will not be any scaring what so ever.

I’ve used so many different expense products over the years and found myself to be very disappointed in them. But now, I need not look any further because, I have found Truly Namaste Skin Care!
Thank you for sharing your products with me!
Denise F. – Tucson, AZ

Thank you for the Ultra Skin Ease. I’ve started using it on my son’s eczema and it works very, very, well! I’m all for using all natural items, instead of harsh chemicals! And, I don’t have to feel so bad as a mother anymore when I apply it to my son’s skin – there is no complaining of burning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My mother started using it on her nose and also her toes. She has fungus growing underneath her toe nails and this Ultra Skin Ease is awesome for making it better!
Stacee – Wahpeton, ND

I LOVE the new skin ease bar, it glides on like satin cream and rinses clean but not dry clean a soft lovely clean. The bar is so creamy I thought it would melt away fast but it has not, it’s a creamy soap bar that makes me look forward to my shower each day!

I have never been disappointed in any of your products.
Karen C. – Tucson, AZ

After just four days of applying Skin-Ease to my hands they were smoother and the dryness was gone! Now, three weeks later, the age spots on my hands are disappearing! My hands look great! I decided to use Skin-Ease on my face, too. After one week of use, my complexion is soft and has a youthful glow, thanks to Skin-Ease.

Cate, age 68 – Austinburg, OH

You’ve changed my mind about skin moisturizers. This one works.

Garrett, – Tucson, AZ

I first tried your products about 2 years ago. I was at the Women’s Expo in Cleveland, OH and stopped by your booth. At the time I had just lost my husband suddenly and was having problems with acne break outs. I had been to the dermatologist and had tried everything. I had given up. I was experiencing cystic acne brought on by stress. What was most frustrating was that I had never had this problem before. It seemed to have developed after the death of my husband. Needless to say, as a 25 year old women acne is embarrassing. I stopped by your booth and explained my problem. I purchased the Balance System and the Balance Body Wash. The women there told me that she would guarantee my skin would clear up in 7 days. It cleared up in 2.

Bethany S., – Cleveland, OH

I have received the wonderful Ultra Skin Ease products and like them very much. I use the skin soothing balm 3 times a day – have had 7 of 33 radiations. I’m waiting one more week to include the body moisturizer. Thanks for the extra sample and for the speedy response to my request!

What a compassionate ministry you are doing! I’ll be sharing the pamphlets you sent. Even my nurses here are interested in the pamphlets. They can’t give them out, but if someone asks, they can share the info!
May your goodness and caring for others come back to you 100 fold!
Sr. Pat – Milwakee. WI

My husband and I were up at Mt. Lemmon. We always stop in the store and that is where I found this God like lotion. It doesn’t sting and is very healing. I have contact dermatitis and have used several “prescription lotions, salves etc.” None come within a light year of your lotion. I am extremely impressed with your product and wanted to try more of them so I went online and straight to your wonderful web page. Believe me I will let everyone I come in contact with know about your dream products.

Thanks again for doing what you do!
Mary C., – Tucson, AZ

I was fortunate to receive a sample bag of Grace’s Green Garden all natural Hemp Seed Granola, and may I say that I have been loving it every morning with Greek yogurt. It is by far the best tasting granola I have ever had and I love that it is naturally sweetened with agave nectar, unlike many of the store bought brands that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Please get this item up on your website soon or let me know where I can find it in stores. My bag is almost gone and I will certainly need more. Not sure I can do breakfast without it;)

Thank you for your dedication to products with natural ingredients that nourish the body and soul. I just love your products!!

Nikki Z- Cleveland, OH

Audrey says:

Thank you Grace’s green garden I was introduced to your skin ease balm by my cousin when I received a very severe burn on my hand. I immediately used the balm and I’m not exaggerating when I say it provided instant relief and was gone within 2-3 days.

Audrey M.
OSU student
Columbus, OH

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